Isn't Taglioni overdone?  Laurent Delahousse's companion evokes the strong character of their daughter, Swann: Current Woman The MAG

Alice Taglioni, 44, is a satisfied mom. The beautiful blonde actress has three children: in 2009, she welcomed her first child, Charlie, whose father was actor Jocelyn Coevrin. Just a few months after their baby was born, he lost his life in a tragic car accident. In 2014, Alice Taglioni found love again as a presenter 20 hours From France 2, Laurent Delahos. In 2016, they welcomed their daughter Swan, followed by the birth of another toddler, as the actress announced on January 11, 2020, on TV at the show. We are not in bed In France 2. This role is adored by Alice TaglioniAs captured January 19, 2020 in columns Femina version. “It wasn’t a big dream, I felt it forever. I knew when I was young that I wanted children.”I rejoiced. “Anyway, I am a very mommy in life, I didn’t find out about it with my kids. I couldn’t tell you what kind of mom I am, but I’m thriving as a mom and I’m very happy. Love it. So much..

Environmental conscience in Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahus? It’s their daughter Swan!

However, it’s not easy every day, and the star has been able to realize it. In an interview with the magazine Madame Figaro On newsstands on Friday April 9, 2021, a companion of Laurent Delahos admitted that she was at times overwhelmed with consciousness. “Green color” Youngest Swan, now 5 years old. Actress seen in Men’s heartHe revealed that his daughter is the one sometimes It reminds us of the environmentally friendly measures to be followed at home. “If you let the water flow for too long at home or if you make a mistake in sorting out, then a lecture is given.”, Detailed, before adding that she made a good decision to round the corners. Which ? Completely remove plastic bottles from my consumption. This should satisfy Swan!

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