Booba valide fort la prestation de Gazo sur le morceau "Bodies" !

If netizens don’t like the new piece from Gazo, the latter can count on the support of Booba, who endorsed it.

If Gazoo’s performance somewhat disappointed netizens, then there are those who emphasized the artist’s performance. And the It’s Boba, Duke of Boulogne. MCE TV tells you everything!

Booba certified on Gazo

After the success of his first works, Gazoo is finally back in stores with his second project. Authorship is called KMT.

In this new album, Rapper Drill collaborated with Damso. The Belgian artist has been on the rise since another artist after Aya Nakamura and Angel invited him to join him in a piece of art.

during his visit to sky rockthe young rapper released: “ Honestly, it would hurt, it’s one of my favorite things. And to add: It’s been a long time since people heard Damsu like this. There, it’s just mommy to the beat, straight.”

In the controls of this new hit we find three composers: Djadoo, Vov and Ambezza. Three artists made the perfect song for the summer.

And there’s someone who really appreciates sound. This is the Duke of Boulogne: Buba. The rapper reposted a screenshot of a TV article from MCE titled: “ Damso: His presence with Gazo disappoints netizens on Twitter. The latter said: Very fit Gazou on this track. Great performance!«

Corpses Not unanimous among Internet users

If Booba appreciated the piece, that’s not the case for netizens. Some were disappointed with the title Corpses, And she didn’t fail to say it on Twitter.

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And therefore , The web regrets damsu clip is too short for their taste. “Long tweets from Ghazo and Damsu say only one sentence in voice”, Anonymous wrote on the social network.

And she’s not the only one…” I think the piano shook crazy. On the other hand, Damso, is a very short and disappointing verse compared to what Gazoo announced«.

“Supposedly he could hear the mother on the beat… I don’t think Gazoo ever listened to Damsu when he put together a production”, He swung this netizen while another bid: “ Gazou said we’ve never heard Damso pose like this on a production. It’s the trick of the year so far!«


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