On Friday evening, the jury presented the first prize of the “Prize for the Best Parisian Baguette” to “Bowlangers de Rioli”, located in the 12th Palace of the capital. Chief Baker Macrum Agrout will offer lysée for one year.

When Olivia Bolsky – Trade Officer – announced that she had won the precious sesame, Mr. 54, Boulevard de ReuliAs he explained his first three words, he was a little confused: “Is that a joke?” Relying on a hoax, the Packers union room also invited him to confirm the gospel.

A complex and competitive choice

Initially, they were one hundred and seventy-three. The jury, headed by Olivia Bolsky, consisted of one hundred and seventy-three baguettes, including twelve, including the well-known Guilloma Gomez – Elise’s former chef – or Grand Prix winner Tayeb Sahl. ‘Last year.

Judging first by their salt content – fifty-four removed from the start – the length of the soapsticks, fifty-five and seventy centimeters, weight, two hundred and fifty and three hundred grams should be respected for data not exceeding eighteen grams per kilogram. The work of Goldsmith.

Makram Agrout will not only see his bakery attacked by interested people, but will also have the honor of serving the presidency for a year. While waiting for the next version!

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