In this country they live without electricity, and the reason behind their choice is very curious

There is a country where they live without electricity. The reason is surprising but here’s exactly where we are.

The country without electricity –

There is a small village where people live without electricity. It’s strange to think of such a thing since we’re in a completely technological age, and yet it’s possible. To find out where we are and how it is possible to live like this, all you have to do is continue reading below in the next paragraph.

Here you live without electricity: that’s why

It may sound strange but there are places that are completely unspoiled and completely immersed in nature. Even here The population lives without electricity. We are in Val Bavona, in Switzerland, more precisely in Foroglio. Here near Ticino there is a truly unique village.

It is here that the Foroglio waterfall of the same name originates and the entire hamlet is developed around the church. Foroglio is a very small village and therefore in the center we find a fifteenth century church and around it a series of stone houses. These are very modest and follow the needs of the job.

Foroglio in Switzerland –

Here the look has remained intact and seems to live in a bygone era. Technology and skyscrapers are so far away that there is not even electricity. Only 200 people live here who mostly pray in the summer. But how does this village feed?

Foroglio is powered by photovoltaics and some generators. These meet the energy needs of a small population. Those who choose to live here are aware of this and have chosen to live in isolation from the rest of the valley. This place can also be visited using guides.

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Discover Foroglio

As we just said, it is possible to visit Foroglio. Here you are immersed in nature and stone houses. Roads allow you to go from the valley to the village along unique paths. Dive into nature to witness the magnificent landscapes untouched by man.

Here while embarking on the journey you can meet Spui. These are nothing more than distinctive underground rock formations. They return to the needs of farmers in the area who used these shelters for themselves and the animals. Or they were used as warehouses for hay or food.

Foroglio Village –

Foroglio’s history is marked by turbulence. To enter this world, you have to follow the educational path in the villages of Cavergno and Bignasco. This allows you to go through several stages until you find yourself in the village without electricity. It can reach two meters in height.

There are also workshops that allow you to do different activities. This allows visitors who arrive here to have a unique experience in contact with the region. A unique country that still lives without electricity and sometimes resorts to candles.


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