Bank notification via e-mail.  Be careful not to click this button, it will empty your account

If you receive a communication from the bank via email, pay close attention! It could be a scam! Here’s what not to do.

The digital world is always evolving and its progress is in a vertical climb. In order to fully meet the needs of every user, systems, applications, and everything around online platforms must constantly keep pace with the times. In fact, user requests are always greater and privacy and security must always be ensured. Now every process is performed using our machines.

Fake bank connection: never click ‘click here’ –

Whether it is shopping or banking, our smartphones are the remote control of our lives. Obviously, external threats are always around the corner and you should always pay close attention to the bad guys. From bogus SMS to suspicious phone calls, you should also pay close attention to emails. In fact, if you receive a call from the bank, you should not click on this button. Penalty: You will find your account empty.

The fake email and button will not be clicked

The web world is As cool as it is edgy. In fact, external threats are many, no matter what Advanced security systemsthere is always something managed to sneak in. Such is the case with fraudulent emails. Scams that, unfortunately, some inexperienced people fall into. Attempts are numerous, with fake emails sent before dummy banksso that the poor victims could enter themselves sensitive data.

Fake Bank Email: Never Click “Click Here” –

And this is how it happens: an email arrives from a The so-called banking institution, with the bank’s logo and data very similar to the bank’s logo. The mail will inform us about a alleged refund because of us, from about 180 euros, and in order to start the recovery procedure, he asks us to click on the “Click here” button. It should be noted that any communication you receive, and cannot be relied upon, Do not click on any link at the bottom of an email or text message, Never.

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What happens?

If you unfortunately click the button, a file will open parallel page To a banking site very similar to ours. Once you have entered the data, scammers They’ll have all of your data to be able to empty your account, and a refund could be a real deal Operation is impossible. In fact, banks do not send such communications via e-mail, but rather activate notifications of these procedures, Through the internal banking process.

Therefore, dictates are inevitable and we must not stop repeating them, Never click on any button that says “Click here”. If it does, or you only get this mail, that’s fine Go to the post office or an official draft Police report. In doing so, in addition to trying to protect themselves, they will be able to Many other users warn They can fall into this trap in a completely naive way.


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