Lyon-PSG (1-1): Paris always runs with the same recipe

PSG have 35 days to switch, tell another story and suggest they could pull out of Real Madrid, who visited themselves on February 15 in the 16th leg of the Champions League. For now, as in 2021, in 2022, with an amorphous group formed by contradictions and decisions, often causes fear and anxiety, fatigue and the like. Progress is slow, and it often rains in his hope that it will be maintained by a miracle.

He leads the championship because he has defeated all who are weaker than himself, but rarely rivals who can compete for a night. If it stands against the good teams of the L1s and draws against Nice, Marseille and Lyon after their defeat at Rennes, this Sunday January 9th, what will it be like against the President of the Spanish Championship? The question may be answered.

At least the same springs are still running. His temperament, luck, happy training in the last quarter of an hour, as he refused to fall, who coated this zero with the appearance of a good deal or something not so bad, when everything was getting worse.

With ten points ahead of their second-placed Nice, PSG had the luxury of playing nine against eleven against Leonis. They have to be practically brilliant to get that visibility, but the problem with Mauricio Pochettino is that he doesn’t watch games. As everyone knows, these two players are successful demons because they scare the ball, but their coach constantly aligns them when there are other solutions.

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Nawaz had to save the house

The result, and these two souls are not in pain, PSG does not seem to be a team yet and FC Mbappé, this company of joy within these dying piles, could not fix it. , Despite two scenes in the posts. We stigmatized two players, and we could have picked up the attacking deadweight Mauro Icardi or the deflected midfielder Leandro Parades.

No player has progressed with Pochettino, and his training has often been to lose each other on the ball, much to Pacqueto’s victory in this area (1-0, 8th). During the break, the Argentine tactician will change his formula to 4-4-2 diamonds, with Vijnoldam Lower and Marco Verdi, on the rise.

The Italian was frustrated that PSG did not offer a game and he quickly dismissed his desire to help. Transformation does not create any target situation. Conversely, Keeler Nawaz had to save the house at the end of a new home against Moussa Dembélé (59th), who ended up with Dakba’s recovery, and he could not have missed it all. But he will be in the starting three-man squad because he missed his overall game and injured his eyes. Thilo Kerr, who scored and shut down the debate to replace Agraf Hakimi, left for CAN. The debate over whether Pochettino was the only one open.

Match sheet

Half time: 1-0. AUDIENCE: 5 000 Referee: M. Lexier. But. Lyon: Baguette (8th); PSG: Kehrer (76th). Warnings. Lyon: Emerson (84e), Padeng (90e); PSG: Verdi (43e), Takba (59e).

Leon: Lobes – Da Silva, Padeng, Lukeba – Dubois (hat), b. Guimaraes (Custo, 90 + 1), Coquered, D. Emerson – Bucketta (Sergi, 70 e), Hour – M. Temple. Entry: Pose.

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PSG: Navas – Takba (Kehrer, 69e), Marquinhos (Cape), Kimpebe, Nuno Mendes – Herrera (Michut, 69e), Paredes (Simons, 69e), Verdi – Wignold (Dina Epimbe, 83e), Icardi, Embape. PSG: Entry: Pochettino.


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