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(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, Feb 23 – “Russia has tapped into energy in recent months and years and we are really determined not to depend on Russian gas anymore. This is a strategic investment for our independence.” This was stated by the President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen at the end of the bilateral agreement with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store. “Norway is a reliable supplier of gas,” added the first official in the European Executive.

“We will do our part” on the energy file, the Prime Minister stressed, stressing that Oslo “shares” the appropriate path of 55 – emissions reduction measures – initiated by the European Union.

Von der Leyen emphasized that “the pressure that Moscow put on gas was not only on Ukraine but also on the European Union,” explaining that Europe “has always been able to “rely” on “Norway’s ability to provide the necessary gas.” At the same time, “ We agree that gas is important on the one hand, but on the other we need to diversify the sources. For the EU, the path is clear: to reduce our dependence on gas and move towards renewables,” added von der Leyen. “Sharing values ​​is the basis of our cooperation.

We are closely following the Ukrainian crisis and have implicitly worked with our partners. “With Europe we have integrated economies,” the Norwegian prime minister added.

“Our message to the EU today is not just about Norway’s gas reliability” but extends to “collaboration in hydrogen, the latest generation batteries, ocean waves, in all these interesting industrial aspects. We can cut emissions and create work.” (handle).

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