Gottschalk was a little nervous at some point in “DSWNWP”.Built in: RDL screenshot

Andrea Zschocher

Barbara Schonberger’s trousers have long been the subject of debate because “they do not know what’s going on – The Jazz-Godzzek-Schoneberger Show” evening. The presenter was initially very proud to wear a subtle black dress, not dressed as a “pensioner brown” like his two co-workers, but he returned to the tight fit of his dress. It was not possible to tie the shoes and could not bend down. “Take off your pants and then it’s quiet,” Thomas Godzack suggested almost two hours later.

Fortunately, Schoneberger ignored this request. As a precaution, when she was standing on the wall at the end of the show, Thomas Gotzcholk told her to take off her pants, which might increase her chances of success. “I’m worried about the pants,” he finally threw into the room. “Because is it slow or tight?” Shoneberger wanted to know immediately. The 72-year-old said very charmingly, “I’m afraid we’re going to bang today.

Schöneberger had to hit the wall.

Schöneberger had to hit the wall.Built in: RDL screenshot

So far it seems like an annoying evening somehow? I want those conversations to be a very different thing to hear and see because they don’t know what’s going on. But far from it.

This time moderator: Günther Jauch

Initially, a samba group brought Joachim, Gotschalk and Schonberger into the studio, which was decorated for the summer, with the intention of commemorating the summer festival. That’s right, there were cocktails, sangria, some bad jokes, guests who somehow didn’t want to be there and fun party games. Its photos will still be embarrassing to participants in ten years.

This time the party was moderated by Gunther Jazz. As always, Thorsten Shorn supported him, sending moderate cards and instructions from the mediocre booth to the appraiser in a small cart from the stairs. The man can really moderate the last bit of nonsense with enthusiasm and the fun is guaranteed.

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Blowing, splashing and making baskets

Because, if we are honest: how about bananas playing a game where a participant is tied to a roller board and dragged through the hall by another person to collect as many balloons as possible? The whole scene, called “Netball,” lasted more than four minutes. After all, as in other games in the evening, no one there had time for the “blowing and shaking” jokes of adolescence. Thus began the first game of the evening, “Blow the water can”, Thomas Gotschalk had to blow water from the water can into a mug, putting his mouth on the water can.

“What do you say on such an occasion? Oh madness, wonder, Thomas,” Barbara Schoneberger cheered her teammate on, while rival Andrea Kewell enjoyed watching the water spray by Alvaro Solar, not just in the mug. She ended up on her face too.

How many more than 60 parties will blower cans be played at from now on? It’s a pleasure. “It really crossed the TV garden,” Gunther Jazz commented at the event.

Pictures you will never forget

Andrea “Kiwi” Kivel was close to tears when Thomas Gatschalk pointed out that he had “blown himself on the elephant”. Although blisters throughout the evening are only a specific topic: there are still enough games that you will never want to play.

In the case of the “disc speaker”, the celebrities had to press their face very firmly against a board and say different words, and the game partner had to guess it. Thomas Godzack in particular made it so much fun that he started making faces without being asked. Images that always accidentally enter the brain certainly do not make a good impression.

“Above the clouds”

Implicitly filling the broadcast minutes and drawing the attention of the second edition on Sunday “because you do not know what’s going on”, Frock Ludovic came into the studio at some point and announced “Tommy and Popsy’s achievement”. . Cunningham Holes “Reinheart Maine Classic” Above the Clouds “.

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In the evening, all sorts of fun accessories were added, from the wooden flute to the hair dope to the angel wings and an air machine. The anticipation was manageable, especially during the “Eye Hearing” game when it became clear that Thomas Godzilla was completely unaware of singing. “Can you hear me?” He asked after a round of “singing.” “Yes, unfortunately,” Jazz replied dryly.

“That’s what I call cross-advertising,” said Barbara Schoneberger, reviewing the new order. “RTL Exklusiv” and the upcoming program “DSWNWP” are not only pointed out, but also appear in “Fernsehgarten” is not out of the question. Because Kiwi is still responsible for that. It may be exciting that on Sunday morning the appraiser will again be managing live on “Fernscarden”. Ratings may rise in the short term as everyone wants to see how well he can lead his show after a short night.

Alvaro Solar: No desire or no plan?

In this group, Alvaro Solar appeared as a guest who did not know exactly why he was first invited and did not want to spend the whole evening. He initially explained that he did not know what to expect from the show. But of course he was in good company, it was not even known to the audience, and they waited until 1:00 pm for a bitter end.

The singer was very lively when he came to the German favorite island of Mallorca, and he wanted to make it clear that it had beautiful corners far away from Ballerman and Shinkenstras. These places were completely unknown to the Spaniards and were called “where the Germans were”.

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“Don’t laugh so stupidly”

The funniest moment of the evening is the “Beach Trip” game. Celebrities should sit in a gedkar and collect a variety of beach items ranging from small and simple to large and impractical. The task is as follows: All parts must be collected and run to the finish line at once. Barbara Schoneberger and Thomas Godzack failed miserably, but it was especially fun to see that the presenter could look at himself and laugh so wonderfully.

At times Kotschalk fell down from the gallows and snarled at his teammate. “Don’t laugh so stupidly,” he sneered at Schonberger, who generously ignored it, instead asking if the game had actually been tested in advance. “It’s not well thought out,” Gotschalk said on the same horn, and almost six minutes later they both crossed the finish line.

“Like the German teacher couple’s move”

Andrea Kiewell and Alvaro Solar needed very little time. The two thought of a (good) tactic, collected what could be collected, and drove to the finish line. You can do it, you will win the game, but unfortunately it is boring. Gottschalk saw it that way and allowed himself to be taken aback by the notion that it was “like the action of a pair of German teachers.” But for that no one watches Saturday night shows.

The second live broadcast of “Because You Don’t Know What Happens” will continue Sunday. Part One For those who are not too crazy and want to wake up too late, this will be a reunion on the TV calendar again. Let’s see who neutralizes the madness this time around and see if Gunder Jach’s promise to end the show early will be kept.


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