Two new species of dinosaur have been identified in China

They roamed the earth a long time ago 120 or 130 million years ago, which corresponds to the Cretaceous period. Two dinosaurs belonging to a new species of sauropod have been discovered, two species with a body length of 15 meters A team of Chinese paleontologists in northwest China, in the Turpan Hami Basin in Xinjiang, according to Science and the future. Until then, no dinosaurs had been identified in this area, according to cnews . news.

20 meters for two celotes and 17 meters for two protectors

These two new species are named Silotetan sinensis for the first, Hamititan xinjiangensis For the second time.

Regard Derpiphores sauropodomorphs which is characterized by their long necks. According to the study of scientists published in the journal nature, the partial parts of the skeleton of giants make it possible to determine the size More than twenty meters for Silutitan And 17 meters from Hamititan. Approximately the size of a blue whale (between 23 and 30 metres), details slate.

The first such dinosaur

If researchers also discovered 6 More Oviraptorosaurs Between 2010 and 2016 In the Ganzhou region of southern China, as reported at that time France informationIt is an important discovery that stands out The presence of vertebrate dinosaurs in this area. Discoveries that certainly invite others. On March 31, we learned of the discovery of The new pterosaur that looks like Pokemon. In June 2021, he New species of giant rhino living 50 to 25 million years old identified in China.

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