Carol Delga in Matignon was appointed Prime Minister by Emmanuel Macron? The storyline is believable. The head of the Occitanie region (PS) “checks many boxes”: a woman and a leftist. But “it can’t be”. Descriptions.

Emmanuel Macron is in full cast. After a complicated re-election, thanks to the battalions of left-wing voters, the “new” head of state is beginning his second term in full swing.

His early supporter, Richard Fernandez, is approaching socialists and ecologists to join the presidential majority. At the same time, a poll indicates that the majority of French people want to appoint a woman to Matignon. In this context, a “regular profile” imposes itself, and it goes on its way to Occitania: Carol Delca, the regional leader.

For the past five years, Carol Delca has never left Elysee’s tenants. Carol Delga shows herself as an anti-Macron model: proximity and importance to regions. And, surprisingly, a relative of the leader of the Occitanie region rejected the hypothesis of the Delga-Macron tandem.

Carol Delca has not changed. In six years, he became an essential political figure. She promises stability and reliability. This consistency explains why it rejects agreements with the LFI (editorial note in the context of the Assembly elections), but also explains the policy led by Emmanuel Macron. Carol Delca has not changed. She is on the left”, His close adviser underlines.

Carol Delca will not retire at 65

Relative of the leader of the region

Carol Delga and Emmanuel Macron worked together in Percy. At that time, the current head of state was the Minister of Economy and Finance, the head of the region, and the Secretary of State for Trade, Crafts and Consumer Affairs. Reports are sometimes “tough”.

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This ministerial episode did not cause any particular intimacy. The first decree of the youngest president of the Fifth Republic and the election of Carol Delca as head of France’s largest region did not help matters.

In Carol Delca’s entourage, we emphasize the contradiction between the “contempt” often inflicted on the president and the proximity of the president to the region.

Whether on a political or personal level, Carol Delco’s appointment to the Met will come to a “judgment” without appeal. “It can’t“, One of his supporters insisted.

On the presidential majority side, there was only one reaction. “We do not comment on rumors, especially if they were initiated by Carol Delco,” underscores Emmanuel Macron’s entourage.


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