Jim's settles scores with Bubba

In a lengthy story shared on Instagram, Maitre Kimes settled her accounts with Bupa and did not mince her words.

The conflict continues. Five years after their first clash, and while Jims continues to be a target of Bubba on the networks, the translator of “Bella” took to Instagram to offer the bottom line of his thinking. Long story short, he scratches a man nicknamed Duke.

“You have been waiting for this answer for five years. Here, I give you this answer,” Maitre Kimes says after sharing an article in a story regarding the cancellation of Bupa’s performance scheduled for July 16 as part of the Nimes festival. The beginning of hostilities was initiated. Music, charisma, psychological state, money… Maitre Kimes leaves nothing to his opponent, whom he describes as an “empty shell”, “prey”, “victim”, reminding him throughout the video that nothing is going his way. Bhupa’s life.

Jims shoot in all directions

In about ten minutes, Jims listed all the subjects and didn’t mince his words. “You’re KO stop,” explains Jims, specifically returning to imagined physical confrontations. “You don’t scare anyone. You didn’t scare anyone, you can’t meet me (…) You’re scared, you’re in a ball at home. You are in your KO villa which we have never seen. You’re not going to go Tupac, nobody wants to kill you,” Kims says before attacking Bubba’s mind.

“You don’t have intelligence. It shows in your demeanor. You can be seen following a doctor,” continues the artist, who doesn’t hesitate to attack Bupa’s physique and engage in an analysis of the latter. “Don’t be fooled by his size, muscles, everything, it’s a knockout. It’s just stupid. A real psychologist will tell you it’s a shell. It fills a void. This guy is not happy. His only escape is this kind of conflict. It piques his interest. It means we see. That’s what you’re afraid of. You’re rotting in a rat hole. You are a rat”, continues Master Jims.

“A Terrible End to His Life”

Kims also took advantage of the settlement of the score to attack Bubba’s music production, causing “a terrible end to her career”.

“Let’s talk about your music, your music, your music KO. For years, nothing happened. You cancel your dates, your parties, your logistical problems. Stop, no logistical issues. Humans don’t come to your concert,” says Kimes, before pointing out Boopa’s sales. “Like me, you wanted to release your album. Your album that you released. Although, I had a bigger week than you. You are knocked out. Before questioning Bupa’s ability to fill the Stade de France on September 3, I am stronger than you in all respects,” says Kimes.

“Your old Stade de France, we know how you are going to do. We know who invested, we know that 500,000 and a million euros have been put aside to buy only places that will be redistributed”, believes Kimes.

Finally returning to the origins of their conflict, Demdem’s husband continues his long streak of not giving up on his adversary, chaining the most unflattering names to it. “The only thing you know is going after women, children, innocent people. Really old villain, bandit thing, you bandit of the little way. You’re a nerd, you’re a small player, so you should live longer. You’re a m***, you only attack the weak, you’re into cyberbullying,” Kimes continues.

And to conclude, he explained that he would not enter into a series of conflicts. “This is the last post. Don’t dream. You are not worthy to face me because you are nothing”. Boopa is not to appreciate the news.

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