Vacationers stop in front of the Gotthard Tunnel

Until the end of August, traffic jams in front of the two gates of the Gotthard tunnel were “almost certain”, according to Viasuisse (archive). KEYSTONE / URS FLUEELER sda-ats

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A new wave of holidaymakers crossed Switzerland on Saturday heading south, causing a long traffic jam in the Gotthard Tunnel. The line of cars reached 11 kilometers at midday, about two hours of waiting, according to Touring Club Suisse (TCS).

This slowdown held steady for a long time, before the traffic congestion was reduced to 7km in the afternoon, noted Lydia Pereira, of Via Suizi. But motorists’ patience was tested by a broken car which temporarily closed the tunnel in both directions.

Traffic flow was not optimal on the A13. Once again, the collapse temporarily closed the tunnel, necessitating the construction of a long avoidance route for southbound vehicles.

Already Friday evening, traffic jams reached seven kilometers in front of Gotthard in Göschenen (UR). Departures for long vacations is increasing. On Saturday, schools closed for the summer holidays in 12 cantons, while school holidays have already begun in several other counties.

all summer

The situation on the traffic front will not ease this weekend. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Viasuisse traffic information service expects quite a lot of traffic, as on the upcoming weekends.

Until the end of August, traffic jams in front of the two tunnel gates were “almost certain,” Vyasuis wrote. On the last weekend of July, traffic jams in front of the north entrance can last all night.

Tour de France tour to Switzerland

Wait times are also expected on other motorway sections, notably on the San Bernardino and on the A1 between Lausanne and Geneva. The beginning of the holiday in July in Germany and the Netherlands also plays a role.

In addition, two stages of the Tour de France cyclist will cross Switzerland this weekend. The first will take the peloton from Dole (F) to Lausanne. The second, on Sunday, will move from Eagle (VD) to Chatel (West). If highways remain open, many roads will remain closed for several hours in the respective areas, or even all day in Lausanne. Major traffic disruptions are expected, TCS warns.

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