the running platform Netflix Recently released his new original movie starring Sandra Bullock. it’s about unforgivableAnd Drama has already captured the users of the digital service in our country. In fact, since it first appeared in the catalog, it has been ranked among the most viewed on the entire page.

Sandra Bullock He returns to star in a movie on Netflix, after his success in Bird Box: A Ciegas. with unforgivableOnce again, it moves away from the comedy it is accustomed to, and presents a drama accompanied by great characters Hollywood.

What is the subject of a Netflix movie?

According to the official brief provided by netflix, This new movie starring Sandra Bullock It’s about a woman who “has served a sentence for a violent crime, gets out of prison and tries to reintegrate into a society that refuses to forgive her for her past.”

Likewise, “the harsh criticism from all those who used to be a part of her life led her to seek one last opportunity to redeem herself: to find her younger sister, whom she was forced to abandon long ago.” This movie lasts 1 hour and 54 minutes and, according to the streaming service, is a “raw and emotional” story.

receive from unforgivable

  • Sandra Bullock Stars as Ruth Slater
  • Vincent Donofrio john ingram
  • Viola Davis Playing Liz Ingram
  • Isling Francoise S Katherine “Katie” Malcolm
  • Richard Thomas: Michael Malcolm
  • Linda Emond: Rachel Malcolm
  • Emma Nelson: Emily Malcolm
  • Rob Morgan: Vincent Croce
  • john Berthal: Blake
  • W Earl Brown: Mac Whelan

Sandra Bullock Official Trailer for the movie

Below you can watch the official trailer for the movie unforgivableAnd championship Sandra Bullock. The video was posted by Netflix Latin America on his channel Youtube.

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