Japan, one minute late train: driver fined 50 cents

A Japanese train driver is suing the company he works for, railway company JR West, after his salary was reduced by 56 yen (just under half a euro) for causing a nearly minute delay in the rail system. This was reported by BBC News Online, adding that the driver, who has not been named, is asking for 2.2 million yen (nearly 17,000 euros) in compensation for the suffering he suffered in the case and a fine. JR West has fined the man after an error in June 2020 caused operations to be delayed by one minute. The driver was supposed to drive an empty train to Okayama Station in the south of the country, but arrived at the wrong platform. Realizing his mistake, he rushed to the right platform, but bewilderment caused a minute delay in the train’s departure and arrival at the depot. The company claims to have applied the “no work, no pay” principle, as is the case for employee late arrival. The driver took the case to the Okayama District Court to claim damages. The Japanese railway system is known for its reliability. In 2017, BBC News still recalls, a train company apologized after one of its trains left a station 20 seconds earlier.

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