Jennifer Lopez introduces one of her twins with neutral pronouns

(CNN) – Jennifer Lopez and her 14-year-old daughter, Amy Maribel Muniz, have been praised for the recent duo, but not for the music.

The duo — who recently made headlines for their performance together when she co-hosted Super Bowl LIV Pepsi midway through 2020 — recently appeared at the Blue Diamond Gala at the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Introduce Emme Lopez using the gender-neutral pronoun ‘elle’ or ‘they/they’.

Lopez said in a video about the moment he shared TikTok user christinathesupermom. “And I ask him to sing with me all the time and he doesn’t want to.”

“This is a very special occasion,” Jennifer Lopez continued. “She’s so busy. The book and the care.”

“Elle costs me when she comes out. But she’s worth every penny because she’s my favorite couple partner of all time.”

Then Amy appeared on stage holding a rainbow mic to sing Christina Perry’s song “A Thousand Years”.

Amy Lopez and her twin brother Max are engaged to her ex-husband, singer and actor Marc Anthony.

CNN has contacted Blobes for comment.

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