PHOTO Amel Bent: The moving message his daughters recorded in the final of The Voice

On Saturday, May 15th, Amal Bint posted a video on Instagram showing her two daughters, Sophia and Hana, cheering her on for the final match. the sound. Something that makes their mom proud!

This Saturday May 15 happened a highly anticipated event: the grand finale of Season 10 of the sound On TF1. After an evening full of emotions and surprises, Margie finally won the competition, making Florent Bagni the coach of the year. And even if his talent didn’t win TV awards, There is one that stands out particularly well in the group. I am Amal girl. Moreover, the beautiful brunette – who distinguished herself in a very elegant Gucci white ensemble The best fan club in the world: two daughters! Sophia and Hannah, born respectively in 2016 and 2017, had every coach appearance for this tenth season of the show.

They also enjoy doing like a mom to have the greatest happiness for a translator My philosophy. On March 30th, for example, the two girls imitated their mom’s coach as it appears on TV! From the back, they took the pose, reproducing Amal Bint’s facial expressions. “They’re playing The Voice… Hana is a really tough business coach! She did not look back for her sister, The singer wrote in explaining one of his stories, clearly enjoying the duo.

Very beautiful…

This Saturday May 15th, So his two daughters were at the top of the game and watched the final match with interest. They They also left a nice message for their mom. “Tonight is the final match, and I hope you are the one who will win your mother good luck. ” Could we hear in a story published on the evening of May 15th in which we discovered his two daughters from behind.

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By posting this sweet message on her Instagram account, the mother proves that despite the defeat, Supporting her two children is full of joy.

Amal, an Instagram girl


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