Tradiciones unen a la familia de Mayrín Villanueva

From Sylveta’s department, her character in Neighbors, Marine Villanueva Share what to watch Christmas traditions It was a good formula for maintaining a modern family, incorporated into his condition by his children, sons and both.

He adds that Christmas is actually the most anticipated time. At the beginning of December the artist begins her vacation, part of the illusion that she faked with her children and her actor husband. Eduardo Santamarina.

“It’s always snow at Christmas and the beach at New Year,” he says in an interview.

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Every year his family, especially his youngest 12-year-old daughter Julia, asks excitedly, Shall we make the exchange?

“It’s about looking for the gift of exchange together, first we find out, and we all go out to look at the same time which is fun because you’re hiding from the person who touched you.

“I swear by a big cake and the neighbors have a part, the rest is my family, my friends and my projects”: MAYRÍN VILLANUEVA, actress.

“We are so excited that it’s not the great gift, it’s a small amount, but it’s time to look for it together,” Villanueva shares.

In his house still come Santa Clause For everyone. Together with Sebastian, Romina, Jose Eduardo, Roberto and Julia (between ages 12 and 21) they set up the little tree days earlier, write their letters and even enjoy the feelings “that elves do”.

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She and Eduardo both enjoy the reunion of their families, although they sometimes have to separate them; Sometimes they celebrate with the actress’s family and sometimes with her family. Last year they managed to get them together, and he hopes this kid will enjoy all of his kids, even the oldest of them.

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“It gets more complicated because the kids already have activities for the adults, they walk up and down, some are already working and some are continuing to study. The advantage of these dates is that they are a global thing where everyone leaves space to spend Christmas together.”

The actress is married to Eduardo Santamarina. Julia is their daughter. Photo: Instagram.

During the pandemic, Mayrín, who turned 50, has co-starred in the remake of Rubí, worked on The Bachelor with Kids and is currently starring in the telenovela If We Leave (the current version of woman’s look), along with Marcos Ornelas and The Program Neighbour, whose character Sylvia, the neighbor from 201, has been around since the series’ creation.

“Sylvita is already as personal as Marine, my second soul. I split it like a big cake and the neighbors have a well-made part and in everything else there is my family, friends and my other projects.”

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