Dogs and relaxing music: Differences with human hearing

Dogs have different hearing than humans and are well known for their highly developed abilities when it comes to sounds.

While this is an ingredient to watch out for for health and well-being Animal welfare Who does not tolerate loud sounds, on the other hand, can also be an interesting detail of his health.

How dogs hear music (

I don’t like dogs Noise Fireworks are frightening to them precisely because of the amplification with which they perceive it, but when it comes to music, the question is different.

Dogs and Music: How Their Hearing Works

Studies on this subject have in fact revealed that dogs I can listen to musicif the voice is low and in keeping with their strings, but above all to obtain a direct benefit from listening, as it happens to some extent for human beings.

Classical music for dogs-
How music improves dogs’ lives (

Music has the power to cheer us up, make us feel calm, give us energy and it seems to work almost the same way for animals. The study was conducted in Australia At the Sydney School of Veterinary Science, he demonstrated how useful music can be to dogs in the veterinary field. above all As a stress reliever It is anxiety. Specifically some types of music, such as classical music, are able to calm animals, convey a deep sense of well-being and instantly improve their mood.

the permission And yet it is different, it is located high above the head and is full of corrugations. These actually amplify the noise and make a very clear copy of the sound wave reach the inside of the ear. This is why dogs are able to hear frequencies that escape humans. particularly The sounds they make are 20 to 20,000 hertz audible to humans, and those up to 40,000 are also animals. This is practically an ultrasound.

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As for music This spreads through the air, reaches the eardrum, and makes it vibrate. The performance between humans and animals is the same, dogs can also start howling when hearing music, this is normal. Western music is usually 440Hz so it is Dogs perceive it without problemsObviously, however, it cannot be set to full size because the dog will suffer.

So music with high volume and loud voices is disastrous attention. Essentially, however, it must be made clear that animals associate hearing with sensation. So hearing a rhythmic song while receiving a cuddle will automatically associate that music with pleasure. So this applies to any kind of music. But the researchers showed it The dogs that seemed most relaxed after listening to the music were definitely the ones that had been exposed to classical musicThey looked relaxed, calm and calm.


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