A brand new patch has been released, bringing new content to the game, but it’s also a somewhat special event. To celebrate the update mad heartSome players are back. new world Offers a free weekend. From April 7-11, 2022, you can dive into Aeternum without spending a penny. The perfect opportunity to give this MMORPG another shot, and why not finally buy it.

A whole weekend of gaming new world

From April 7 at 7:00 pm until April 11 at 7:00 pm. (French time)And new world Probably Downloaded for free on Steam. During this period, the game servers are open to everyone. New players also get a discount in the store. Various versions of the game are available at -40% off until April 18th. Any progress made during this free weekend is transferred to the purchase of the game.

  • free weekend – From Thursday 7 April 7:00 pm until Monday 11 April 7:00 pm

Why create such an event?

After a great start with an average of nearly 400,000 players during its launch month, Amazon’s MMORPG quickly slipped away. Unfortunately, with servers already cramped, player abandonment is hard to fill. Give a weekend to play for free new world Having a community well received update is the best way to recruit new players.

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