Serie A - Milan (1-1) Juventus hung, the Turks have yet to win

Waiting for success. Despite imagining victory for the first time this season in Serie A, for this shock of the 4th day of Serie A, Juventus finally had to draw at home (1-1) against AC Milan. At the entrance to the last quarter hour, it was Morata’s score that opened the scoring.

Disappointing results for both teams. Milan alone have the opportunity to control the championship. Juventus is an impossible relegation, established in eighteenth place with two small points, eight lengths behind Rosenori.

A league

Magic mic, iron mic

At 9:15 last night

First win for Zoo

Massimiliano Alegre’s team got off to a perfect start as they were revived by a Champions League victory in Malmo last Tuesday (0-3). More curious, she quickly opened the score at a counter. Morata, who got off to a good start by Typhoon, put himself forward against Miknon and deceived him with a nice little punched ball (1-0, 4th).

The rest are identical. Juventus may have the best first period of the season as they throw themselves fast forward. But Miknon saved his family from a break against Morata (17th) and Tybala (18th).

Kalulu missed the match point …

A deity to Rosoneri who showed a different face after the break. Their partnership is already well-developed talk. But in the absence of Ibrahimovic, who suffered from Achilles tendonitis and Oliver Crowd, Stefano Pioli’s men have long struggled to engage themselves in shooting situations favorable to them. He closed the back of the net with the help of the ball until he retrieved a corner head from Rebekah (1-1, 76th).

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Milan could have taken the perfect shot with their French right-back bear foot. The former Leonois had the match point. But his shot was rejected by Skessney, who closed the corner (86th). What is to be finally appreciated is this little point the old woman got. Although she had a bad start to the Serie A season in her 60s.

Juventus-Milan (1-1) Theo Hernandez and Alvaro Morata in Serie A

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