Many caregivers deplore the misinformation from patients who come to be vaccinated against Covid-19 at the Glain Center in Bayonne, and threaten to exercise their right to opt out.

They expect Pfizer and I see suggest modern This is the daily number of patients who come to the vaccination centers at the beginning of December.

Information transmitted from the Ministry of Health did not Reported by regional health agencies: Since the end of November, it was decided to reserve doses of Pfizer vaccines to immunize the city. In vaccination centers, only doses of modern, which are not eligible for those under 30 years of age.

Dans la mesure du possible et des stocks disponibles, les rendez-vous déjà pris avec des vaccins Pfizer pourront être honorés, mais les futurs rendez-vous en centers de vaccination ne se feront qu’avec du Moderna et pour les person denes de âg 30 years.

New ARS Aquitaine

Press release on December 3

However, in the field, the information appears to have difficulty generalizing. It is above all not sufficiently visible on the sites that offer booking appointments. Much to the chagrin of health professionals, who find themselves on the front lines in the face of a lack of understanding of patients, they express their discontent.

We refuse to give Moderna to patients who have scheduled a dose of Pfizer‘, they write in a press release before denouncing the decision “Arbitrary and without explanation to professionals or caregivers, I fell abruptly.”

“The problem is not our modernity. Fully agree on vaccination with Moderna, Morgan insists ShiroBayonne Vaccination Center Coordinator. The problem is that people are not warned in advance, and it is up to us to do that when they get to the center.”

Therefore, it is up to her and the teams on site to deal with the lack of understanding, and even the inconvenience of patients. And Guiding those under 30 years old, Unqualified, towards the vaccination of the city, already saturated.

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“We are currently requesting that we be able to guarantee all vaccinations with Pfizer on all appointments made until the end of January”Morgan continues Shiro. Some new doses from Pfizer are expected to arrive at the Bayonne Center. But the caregivers threaten to exercise their right to withdraw if the applicable policy does not change.

Once the Pfizer runs out of immunization, we will close the position. Either from the beginning of next week.

Morgan Cheru, Coordinator of the Bayonne Vaccination Center

France 3 Basque Country

Asked about this on Friday, December 3, ARS President Nouvelle-Aquitaine Benot the pod Explain this choice of distribution between center Vaccination and city medicine for adaptive reasons. The Moderna, these are vials of 22 half doses for the booster. It is somewhat convenient for the logistics of the vaccination center doing the chain vaccination, because once the vial is opened, it is necessary to vaccinate. While a bottle of Pfizer only contains 7 doses, so we’re giving it a priority in town.”

AR Manager New Aquitaine It also indicates that the vaccines are for people over 30 years old modern Pfizer offers the same protection.


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