• The ad states that consumers who wish to receive clothing that looks brand-specific should request a special package through Uber Eats from 4:00 pm on December 9th and 10th.

  • Complaints are filed on a digital site using the hashtag #LookMcDelivery.

  • This ad also generated a lot of memes.

McDonald’s, the favorite hamburger brand of many, Recently launched an ad with Uber Eats Strengthen your bond with your customers by giving them what they call it The “See Mc Delivery”.

Advertising for consumers who want to buy T-shirts, slippers and stockings tailored to the fast food brand. They will have to order a special package through Uber Eats this December 9th and 10th from 4:00 pm.

Social Networking On Twitter, many consumers of the hamburger brand They complained that the promotion had been purchased and that the goods were not available The company and the transport company are advertising through their social networks and influencers.

“This is how it came to me without my #LookMcDelivery shirt, without socks, what a bad service; I only asked when it was 4pm.What’s going on now? @uber_support, UberEats_mex, @McDonaldsMexico “, a consumer on a digital platform with a picture of their food.

This is how my #LookMcDelivery No shirt and socks, what a poor service; I only asked when it was 4pm.What’s going on now? @uber_support UberEats_mex McDonaldsMexico pic.twitter.com/JsEYEW0lq1

– Nora M (NoraKT) December 9, 2021

This is not the only complaint registered by the user on the digital platform Using the hashtag #LookMcDelivery, They accuse McDonald’s of running false ads. “#LookMcDelivery They brought my wrong order and my shirt and shoes are exhausted. Help Uber_MEX, McDonaldsMexico, Uber. We hope there are people like me who will do something, ”says another user.

Official McDonald’s account before tweets of complaints Responded privately, Requires data from affected people to find a solution to their problem.

McDonalds and Uber Eats have unleashed social media memes with their advertising

As they create their mapping with the hashtag that activates the American fast food brand and traffic platform, we can also see the myriad memes created by users with the look they give.

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The business, which is part of two companies’ advertising strategy, consists of three T-shirts, one with white and yellow horizontal stripes, and the other two white T-shirts with prints of popular French fries; As well as hamburger-shaped sandals and a pair of red socks.

This dress was created for users Many comparisons with costumes like cartoon characters like Phineas and Ferb from social networks.

But they also shared the memes of other outfits with the hashtag #LookMcDelivery.

Advertising in this style is very important for brands to strengthen their relationships with their customers and win over new consumers.

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