Amazon faces the first trade union “threat” in the United States

DECRYPTION – Its employees in Alabama must decide to unionize by March 29th. This vote is a test in the US and in Kafa.

New York

The mood in Bessemer has changed: In this quiet city of 25,000 souls, in Alabama, southwest of Birmingham, the parking lot of the Amazon Logistics Center is permanently occupied by activists of the powerful retail, wholesale and department store association. Union (RWDSU, Distribution). Large banners promote 5,800 employees “Make their voices heard”. By ballot, and until March 29, they must decide whether they agree to be represented by the RWDSU.

The unprecedented event for the global e-commerce company, which employs 1.2 million people worldwide (including 800,000 in the United States), reached $ 386 billion in revenue in the United States by 2020 and refused to open the door for unions. Until now, Jeff Bezos’ company has always been successful in countering such efforts: in Delaware in 2014, then in Seattle, New York, Iowa, Canada and Great Britain. But they are not in France.

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