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This is not the first time that Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences He proposes the idea of ​​awarding a special prize to the film chosen by the audience. In 2018, the intention was announced to create a category for Best Popular Movie or something. After a few weeks, they abandoned their idea.

Now, the 94th Academy Awards will finally finish this project. It’s about the Oscar fan favorite (or “fan favourite”), A method announced in mid-February consists of viewers being able to vote for their favorite movie of the year Regardless of whether it was nominated in another category or not.

Which consists? In agreement with social network Twitter, the academy created the hashtag #OscarsFanFavorite, which users had to add to their tweet along with the movie of their choice in order for it to be counted. You can also vote for the best scene of the year. Voting for both items was open until March 3. The winning film will be announced at the ceremony on March 27, although it is not yet known what kind of recognition it will receive. It was clarified that it would not be recognized as an official Oscar.

In addition to the award for the winning film, a lottery has been announced to select three participating users, who will be able to attend the 2023 Academy Awards with all expenses paid.

The quest to integrate a larger audience – with a digital profile – into the Oscars is responding to its need to reverse the current deteriorating situation. The 2021 party was only tuned in by 9.85 million viewers, down 59% from the previous year (followed by 23.6 million). It was the worst-set Oscar edition in all of history.

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In that vein, the Academy will be seeking the boost it can give followers of some of Hollywood’s tanks of 2021. Will the blockbuster “Spider-Man: No Way Home” win the #OscarsFan-Favorite? Will they be able to make it a “F9” fight or “No Time to Die”? Fans of “Godzilla vs. Kong or “Venom”?

Despite the good intentions, there is no shortage of those who saw this dynamic as a desperate attempt by the Academy that they could end up playing against. Under the foundations of this new category, users can vote up to 20 times per day, which could lead to a torrent of spam and potentially culminate in some unexpected bars. We’ll have to see how the experience turns out for them.


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