During the night of Monday, April 26, 2021, one of the Astronomical phenomena Most exciting of the year: Super Luna Pink. But why was it called this way and what exactly will happen that night? Whose the places We will tell you and give you some tips to see it.

What is Pink Supermoon?

Photo: Pixels / Johannes Zones.

This astronomical phenomenon occurs when Full moon Or the new moon at its closest point to the Earth, that is, at perigee. That is why we can see Earth’s largest and brightest natural moon.

In a “super moon”, the star can be seen approximately 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal.

The name of the Super Luna Pink, It has nothing to do with the color it mentions, rather its production coincides with the flowering of a flower known in North America as pink moss. It usually blooms in early April and is born around the same time as it was born Full moon.

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How do you see pink supermon?

Photo: Pixabay.

On April 26, the moon will reach its maximum illumination at around 10 PM. CDMX, according to the old farmer’s calendar. The best time to see The pink moon Hanging in the sky is when the moon is directly above the horizon, because due to the distance between the star and the Earth, there is an optical illusion that makes it appear larger.

To appreciate this offer that gives us Super Luna Pink It’s best to go somewhere with little artificial light: woods, mountains, or high places are a great option.

As we told you before, don’t expect to see the moon really turn pink. Instead, you will be able to appreciate the golden hue a little.

Some of the apps that help you find out the direction and location of the moon, as well as other elements in the sky, are Sky View or Sky Map.

in addition to superluna It is the first of three in a row. The next events will be on May 26 and June 24, so you should never lose sight of the sky.

Tips for taking pictures of the moon

Photo: Pexels.

No matter if you have a professional camera or a cell phone, here are some tips to get amazing camera shots. Colors. You should take into account that the quality of your photo will depend on where you are, and the equipment in which you are taking the photo, among other elements.

1. The smartphone

Photo: Unsplash / Kym MacKinnon.

Find a tripod or something to install your phone first. Then work on composing your shot; That is, find a frame in which the moon is the protagonist. Then focus the camera on the moon, reduce the brightness, and remove the flash, this will help the image to be blurred and blurred.

If you take photos of the moon at dawn or dusk it will look better, because this celestial star will not be very bright and will avoid light contrast. It is preferable not to use the zoom as this causes a loss of image quality.

Also, it’s important to play around with the phone’s settings like ISO, temperature, speed, and aperture. This will help get better picture quality. But if you want the details to be clearer, you can use a zoom lens that improves the smartphone camera.

2. Digital camera

Photo: Unsplash / Michael.

This option will allow you to get very specific details of the moon and in your photo you will see the texture of the craters and relief shapes. Here it is essential to use a tripod and to know which lens to use for the photo, it is generally recommended to use 18-135mm or 75-300mm if you are starting out.

It is recommended that you have an aperture – which refers to the size of the shutter aperture that allows light to enter the camera – between f8 and f11, as you will have better image quality and definition. ISO Control – it controls the camera’s sensitivity to light – it should be set from 100 to 200 max, so we won’t have noise in the image and the sky will look darker.

The shutter speed – which is the time light is allowed into the camera – will vary depending on how dark the place you are taking the photo, so give it a try. Remember, you can use the histogram to see where an image is overexposed or underexposed, and that way refine the values ​​to get a good shot.

Photo: Nadia Rodriguez.

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But don’t stress, because photographing the moon is a task that takes a lot of patience and practice to improve. Nonetheless, NASA shares Looney 11, a rule used by stellar photographers to capture the moon. The values ​​you have to configure the camera with are f / 11 and make the exposure time and ISO the same values. For example, if the ISO is 100, our speed should be 1/100 and so on until you find the image you like the most. So go ahead and immortalize April Pink Moon.

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