Non può succedere, ha ragione Pioli. Infermeria e rientri decisivi. De Ketelaere e la miglior prestazione

The Milan-Napoli analysis starts from a fact. The Rossoneri have not lost in 22 consecutive matches since last January against Spezia. And before he surrendered to the Azzurri, this team gave everything and deserved a draw but football is sarcastic, and you don’t always reap what you sow. Milan lost despite dominating most of the match, especially in the first half, and had many chances to score (Kalulu’s crossbar is the most exciting). He played without his most important and decisive player, which shows that Pioli’s choral performance can also be applied without Leao, Rebic, Origi and Ibra, but in the end he exited San Siro without points. A bitter and cynical result that makes the whole team unsatisfied. Mr. Pioli’s words at the end of the match are the perfect synthesis: “If you play well you don’t lose”. And that is the truth, because Milan holds the unbeaten record, because Napoli has continued to be a taboo since 2014, and because the arrangement at the station is not exceptional. But above all because when you put a well-equipped team like Napoli under the table without even realizing it, then there is regret. “We only scored one goal, very little of what we made. There is disappointment, we shouldn’t have lost,” Pioli repeated.

Milan’s test against Napoli was convincing, the team has grown even more and if there is discontent it is evidence that the mentality is also changing. Coming back from the break, a string of victories will be needed to put things back in place in the standings, more important than it is possible to see Milan against Napoli. However, Rebek and Origi must be restored, to give the Rossoneri coach more options. At Milanello they hope to get the Croatian winger as soon as possible, while for Origi, the situation is monitored on a daily basis directly from Belgium. Unfortunately for Milan, even Hernandez and Calabria weren’t at their best after the match against the Azzurri. Full-back Dest was replaced in the second half due to a flexor muscle discomfort, while Hernandez did not return the call from the French national team due to an adductor problem. It will be thoroughly evaluated during these hours to understand if there is a pest and how long to stay outside. Fatigue also with Tonali who will remain in the national team. It will be important for Pioli to try to get them all back after the break, with the hope that no other Milan card holder will have a problem with their national teams.

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It takes time to see the real Charles de Kettleri. The Belgian’s approach to the Rossoneri realm was a little more timid than expected. The player has great technical qualities, is elegant when he touches the ball, and has excellent vision of the game. But it has to be more stable. Against Napoli it was perhaps the best performance for continuity. He got into the most dangerous business of Milan and even his teammates searched for him even more insistently. Certainly the player is expected to score some goals from his talents, and at the moment he is still dry, but it is only a matter of time.


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