Palaja: Road Safety Prevention Workshop for Seniors

Last Wednesday, two groups of elderly people in Palajani took advantage of the Road Safety and Environmental Driving Prevention workshop, run by the Cap Secur Association specializing in road safety, in partnership with the Post Office.

This activity, which was fully funded by the Financiers of Prevention and Loss of Independence Conference, was introduced by Espace Seniors de Carcassonne, a service of the Aude department, in partnership with the municipality of Palaja, and its center for community social work.

This measure was a real success and it allowed all of the elderly participants to know the keys to safe driving.

This workshop features a welcoming, dynamic and expert facilitator of driving and providing a driving simulator that allows discussion of situations you face in daily life.

This scenario should make it possible to reduce the stress factor of the elderly on the wheel.

After this session, make sure that seniors who have taken advantage of this procedure will not recognize themselves behind the wheel.

Other workshops are already scheduled for September in the city in order to provide high-quality procedures for the elderly to keep fit.

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