Ford has provided new details about one of the most awaited

The North American brand has once again given news of what will be the seventh generation of one of the sport’s most emblematic models. Its appearance could occur in April 2023. Despite the great secrecy that revolves around this car, the Detroit company has released new evidence.

It would be the seventh generation of one of the most iconic American muscle cars on American roads. It is one of the models that stronghold In her workshops, she prepares to unleash the legend that began writing her history in 1967. It MustangThe car, which will have a new version, has new details about which were known on Friday.

So far, the Detroit brand has revealed that the expected Ford Mustang S650 It could debut in April 2023. Also, there are rumors that it will be driven by 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder turbocharged engine capable of 320 hp, even exceeding 10CV more than the current model. Additionally, it was revealed a few days ago that the classic black logo will remain on its rear grille.

however, stronghold Added a new guide about the following engine system mustang. According to the American portal Muscle Cars & Truck, this American muscle will have a manual transmission after what was seen on a slide introduced by the brand where the “o” appears as the gear-style symbol.

Although the Oval brand is dedicated to the production of electric trucks, such as the recently launched F-150 LightningConfirmed that the next day mustang will have a V8 . engine. In this way, in addition, she assures that she does not have in her close plans to leave aside the manual transmission.

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last April stronghold has revealed that Mustang S650 It will have a front end with a prominent hexagonal grille that is larger than the current model. He, in turn, showed large air intakes in the lower section and the ends of the bumper. LED headlights have been added to this image which respects the current look format. Meanwhile, a central air intake and noticeable aerodynamic lines on the bonnet stand out that revive the distinctive identity of American muscle.


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