The solution to quickly recharge an electric car with gasoline

Ford and researchers from Purdue University meet in the United States Development a new style Electric vehicle charging stations expected to be delivered More power, much faster, compared to the current systems today.

invention is a charging station cable Patent Pending – Can be combined with under-developed vehicle charging technology, facilitating the transition to electric vehicles with seamless recharging.

said Michael Degner, chief technical leader for advanced research and engineering at Bastion.

“The higher the current, the more heat that must be removed to keep the cable running.”

Therefore, researchers focus on developing a method alternative cooling By designing a charging cable which can offer higher current.

This liquid cable is used as the active cooling agent, which can help the extraction More cable heat When switching from liquid to vapor, this is the main difference with current liquid cooling technology, which would recharge electricity Very fast Like traditional refueling stations.

According to Issam Medawar and Betty Roth, professors of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, the current charging time of electric vehicles may be one of the big fears For people thinking of buying one.

The researchers plan to start testing Prototype of this charging cable in the next two years, to determine more specific charging speeds for certain models of electric vehicles.

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