SPIE ICS est désormais hébergé dans l'immeuble Arteparc, bâti dans la zone d'activités Georges Besse.

Posted on Jul 8, 2022, 9:10 AM

“After the acquisition in 2016 of RDI, an IT company from Nîmes, we have continued to occupy its headquarters. It is time to change the location, to provide current and future employees with a more quality workspace,” emphasizes Xavier Daubignard, Managing Director of SPIE ICS, a service company Digital subsidiary of SPIE, the European independent company in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and telecommunications.

While the ability to attract talent is a “real challenge”, SPIE ICS now occupies 2,000 square meters in the Arteparc building, which is built in the Georges Besse business park. The leader insists that “the quality of the workspace is one of the criteria for candidates.” Concretely, open spaces and privacy boxes are equipped, as well as a “village square” on the ground floor. The offices have outside balconies. A photovoltaic power plant has been installed on the roof.

Task automation

There are nineteen recruitment processes underway in Nîmes, where SPIE ICS is looking for profiles of IT Engineer for Windows and Cloud Environments, and Technicians for Network and Security activities. The growth of site activity is being driven by “data management and cloud hybridization. Among private, public or in-house cloud solutions, you have to choose the most suitable infrastructure, depending on how important the data is,” explains Xavier Daubignard. 10% of energy consumption in France. “This requires a good maintenance policy, which makes it possible to extend the life of the computers. We also advise the correct scaling of the stored data, by suggesting appropriate offers.”

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SPIE ICS Nîmes employs 155 people out of the 3,300 SPIE ICS employees in France. The goal is to meet the various emerging needs of customers: automating tasks and processes, developing remote collaboration solutions, and supporting digital impact. Xavier Daubignard says that Nîmes “handles the entire IT chain, from the user terminal to the hybrid cloud, including unified communications, security, data center and data processing activities.”

Neem is also the SPIE ICS National Center of Excellence in Data Governance. The main clients are the local authorities, including the Occitanie region (for free computers for high school students), as well as hospitals, clinics, schools and technical education institutions such as Sakata Vegetables or Royal Canin … In Occitanie, SPIE ICS has 800 employees, divided between Nîmes and Toulouse.


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