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The WhatsApp It is one of the applications that many use to be able to chat with family and friends. This was purchased by Facebook social networking site A few years ago and even when you open the app, you can see the brand name.

However, this is now Mark Zuckerberg he decided Change your Facebook name to Metaby Metaverse, The WhatsApp He also has changes, in fact in his last name. What is it called now?

When you open WhatsApp at the bottom of the home screen, it said that “WhatsApp from Facebook”This is for you to know clearly that the messaging app belongs to the social network company.

Now with the arrival of the Meta, the logo and branding have started to appear in various applications such as Instagram, Messenger and especially WhatsApp. This means that it is now called “WhatsApp from Meta”.

This change is expected to be gradual with the latest update and to be noticed when starting or opening apps that the Meta now runs from root, such as its social network Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Oculus and others. Did you know? If it doesn’t show up, don’t worry, you’ll be able to see it all week.

From now on, WhatsApp will no longer have this name, but will have a nickname: “WhatsApp from Meta”. (Photo: mag)

What is Meta, the Metaverse of Facebook?

During his presentation at the end of October, Mark Zuckerberg indicated that the future of humanity will be in the “metaverse”, where people move with their personal avatars. Likewise, everyone will be able to browse the Meta using the apps they always use, such as WhatsApp.

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This will also aggregate companies like Oculus, Messenger, Instagram and other brands that Mark Zuckerberg is running. And which one do you use? These will also be called “Oculus from Meta”, “Facebook Messenger from Meta” and “Instagram from Meta”.

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