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Flexibility, handling and balance: these are the impressions after 1,000 km on the wheel of the Honda CR-V Hydride SUV. Automatic switching from an electric motor to a gasoline engine and vice versa is completely liquid, and the instant start-up of the electric motor in the city makes it possible to reduce the fuel consumption of this weight (1,650 kg) of the car can do . ..

Thus, we measured 7.1 liters of consumption per 100 on roads that combine highways, roads in mountainous areas and very urban crossroads.

Electric motors in particular are of great interest because they do not adversely affect the performance of the CRV-Hybrid over time and over time compared to their gasoline-turbo and diesel-auto predecessors.

Honda’s powertrain engineers did a great job. This proves that hybrids are becoming an increasingly sophisticated technology.

In terms of comfort, the cabin is spacious, with an onboard screen with Garmin’s intuitive navigation system, and a cohesive luggage compartment that doesn’t shock the family.

The ultra-low volume, smooth braking after the first restart provides a comfortable ride with everything that works well to signal danger (mirror lights, side and rear view cameras, etc.) to do.

An SUV consumes less than 5 liters per 100

source link An SUV consumes less than 5 liters per 100

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