Annie Benezech a été nommée directrice générale de la SPA de la Métropole de Montpellier en 2015 (Image d'illustration)

On Friday, August 27, 2021, the President of the SPA de la Métropole de Montpellier, Françoise Léost, decided, Annie Benezek’s comment about her jobs. The latter has been the general manager of the association since 2015, and above all, has voted for the refuge for twenty years.

A decision made in haste

The head of the Sudanese Professionals Association explained this decision in a letter he addressed to all workers in the association. Explains that she must act on her own, in the event of an emergency, Facing what she calls an “urgent need”. Without giving further details, she speaks”serious business“Based on”Disrespectful practices“Towards the animals of the shelter and those who take care of them. It is even remembered”unacceptable behavior“which endangers the lives of others. Then addresses those who may have experienced this situation, and invites them to”keep confidence” And “Motivation recoveryto carry out their mission.

A few months ago, a volunteer from the association and a person who came for adoption were bitten by one of the animals. track this, Internal defect investigations It has been opened. They could have shed light on situations.”cloudy or even cloudy”, according to Françoise Lyuste, which negatively affects the work of the association.

We called Annie Benezek, who said she was dumbfounded. She rejects the accusations that, in fact, she is responsible for this layoff. It is based on the decision of the Board of Directors which will meet a week later, on Friday 3 September. Annie Benezek’s question will be addressed there. The CA members will then decide whether or not to agree to the departure of their General Manager.

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