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After the victory in London, the Russian Federation headed the Kazakh adoptive company: “Well done, we won Wimbledon.” From Astana: “You did not believe in it”

Our Product. This is how Russia defines Elena Rybakina, the new Wimbledon champion. The player, born and raised in Moscow, who obtained Kazakh citizenship in 2018, has been “celebrated” on social and Russian media. The No. 1 player of the Moscow Football Association said: “Great! Great Rybakina, we won Wimbledon. It was echoed by the former world number one Yevgeny Kafelnikov, who expressed his view on Twitter:” Buying a ready-to-use product from a high-ranking factory is something Everyone knows how to do it…”.

In short, a real debate between Russia and Kazakhstan. The tennis player’s parents still live in Moscow, and after the victory she struggled to talk about Putin’s country: “The transition from a junior profession to a very difficult one – she told the Kazakh press as soon as she returned from London. – We need a top-level team, and not everyone is able to To carry on and achieve success. Very few make it and that is why I was very lucky. So no, I do not agree with Tarbyshev’s statement.”


In addition to Rybakina, at the meeting with the Kazakh media, there was also the head of the Polsky Federation, who argued with his Russian counterpart: “If this success is a product of Russia, why did they leave it like that? So easily? 2018, when it came to us, Tarbyshev stated that no He considers her a promising player… However I say it is appropriate to stop this controversy, a lot has already been said.”

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