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(ANSA) – Rome, Sept. 27 – The Taliban has banned barbers in various provinces of Afghanistan from cutting or trimming their clients’ beards, stating that this is against Islamic law and Islamic law, and warned against punishing violators. . This was reported by the BBC, explaining that it had seen the relevant notice in salons in the southern province of Helmand. “No one has the right to complain,” among other things in the document.

The same order was issued to several barbers in Kabul. “One of the Taliban told me they could send undercover inspectors,” a men’s hairdresser in the Afghan capital said, once again, quoted by the BBC.

Another barber who runs one of the city’s largest beauty salons said Quran students told him to “stop following the American way”.

Another barber in Herat, Afghanistan’s third largest, explained that he had not yet received any official orders from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice: “Customers do not cut their beards so that Taliban militiamen do not target them in the street.” (Dealing).

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