Unusual: Miguel Herrera suffered the loss of four key players to injury in Mazatlan against Tigres

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the match between Gunboats in Mazatlan and Los Tigres from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANLIt was very different from what was expected. No more than eight minutes of the official timer has passed since the beginning when Miguel Herrera had to make some adjustments to injury Leo Fernandez and Rafael Carioca. However, the situation did not end there Juan Pablo Vigon He also got off the change 14 minutes later.

Everything went as expected. With the start whistle, the locals came out ready to impose their local status and threw themselves against Nahuel Guzman’s goal. It was the arrival of Mazatlecos to the eighth minute When the scoreboard was about to open, though he couldn’t decide. However, in play, Midfielder Leo Fernandez fell to the ground.

There was no physical contact to justify a foul or injury by the Uruguayan, so his teammates came to take care of him. With a look of discomfort on his face, He pointed to his right thigh and the doctors decided it was best to take him off the field of play. Thus, in eight minutes, Bijou Herrera made his first substitution and sent Louis Quinones in the field.

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The game continued at its usual pace. When the locals took advantage of the Tigers’ confusion with an early substitution, another player fell onto the lawn. this time, Rafael Carioca was lying on the grass near half the field Medical help was needed again. So, without long hesitation, The doctor in charge of the review indicated the substitution reference to the whereabouts of Miguel Herrera, who referred to another member’s warm-up.

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They were two minutes away without resuming the match until the second change was made. David Ayala has been appointed to replace the injured player. Meanwhile, Piojo Herrera wore an expression of astonishment at the sudden moves his team had suffered and this of course completely modified his original intent and plans to face the duel against Mazatlan. Up to this point, you’ve made two changes to a sale, giving you the opportunity to make two more replacements.

When the game was heading towards a competitive paceJuan Pablo Vigon was the victim of a forceful entry in his ankle. The former Pumas player could not stand it. The central referee had to go to the VAR review and found that the offense he committed Richard Rios He deserves a red card. Mazatlan was left with 10 men on the field The injured man tried to continue, although he gave up minutes later and took his place Florian Thuven In the 34th minute.

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In the second half, Luis Rodriguez was added to the handicap list due to muscle discomfort. In fact, during radio interview David Medrano He stressed that the type of injuries mentioned should indicate the vigilance of the action plan that the players are exposed to. In this sense, users on social networks have referred to the physical trainer Jaber Besera Because of the situation, since his time in America, under the leadership of Miguel Herrera, the club has had many victims for the same reason.

“Tigers are already suffering because of the great man Jeber Becerra as a physical trainer”, “The great man is already there Jeber Becerra”, “Seven injured in the Tigres since the arrival of Miguel Herrera and Jeber Becerra”, “Jeber Besera is a contributor from Lunol” We demand the resignation of Giber Becerra Some of the comments were posted on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, the UANL . team lost Francisco Mesa and Guido Pizarro For the rest of the season as well André – Pierre Gignac, Rafael Carioca, Leo Fernandez and Juan Pablo VigonAll due to injury.

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