Are you ready for the 2023 MLB Playoffs? As baseball fans all across the nation gear up for a thrilling postseason filled with nothing but exciting plays, inspiring moments, and incredible matchups – it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to understand all of the rules, regulations, and different playoff structures. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn everything there is to know about the upcoming 2023 MLB Playoff format.

MLB in Short

Major League Baseball (MLB) is an American professional baseball organization founded in 1869 and comprising 30 teams from across the United States and Canada. It is considered to be the best professional baseball league in the world, with top-ranked players from all over the globe.

MLB teams are grouped into two leagues – the National League (NL) and American League (AL). The two leagues are further divided into three divisions each – East, West, and Central. At the end of each season, five teams from each league qualify for playoff series within their respective divisions. The winner from each division then advances to a best-of-seven Championship Series between the AL and NL Champions. Finally, the MLB league winners of this series become World Series Champions.

Dates for the 2023 MLB Playoffs

In first place, the 2023 MLB season will kick off on Thursday, March 30. At 1:05 PM ET, the New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants take the field, followed by the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals. All 30 teams will have kicked off their quest for the Commissioner’s Cup by the end of the night if the weather cooperates.

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The regular season concludes on Sunday, October 1, 2023, after a tough 162 games. The MLB Playoffs will go out on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, with a potential Game 7 of the World Series happening on Saturday, November 4, 2023, so be ready to be immersed in baseball for the next month.

MLB Playoffs 2023 Format

The 2023 MLB Playoffs will feature a Wild Card Series in which the top two teams from each league battle for a spot in the Division Series. The winners of this series move on to face the three divisional champions and then proceed to their respective League Championship Series.

From there, the two remaining teams will play an exciting best-of-seven World Series, with the winner crowned world champion. As always, the competitive nature of these playoffs ensures that no game is ever taken lightly, so be sure to tune in and experience all that baseball has to offer!

  • Number 1 seed – The team with the best record in either the NL or AL earns a first-round bye.
  • Number 2 seed – The second-best record by a division winner receives a first-round bye.
  • Number 3 seed – The divisional champion with the third-best record faces off against the sixth seed.
  • Number 4 seed – The Wild Card team with the best record hosts the fifth seed.
  • Number 5 seed – The Wild Card team, with the second-best record, goes up against the fourth seed.
  • Number 6 seed – The third Wild Card team takes on the number three seeded opponent.

The Teams You Should Be Watching in 2023

As the 2023 MLB Playoffs commence, there are a few teams that you should be watching out for. The Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants in the NL have been on fire this season and look to build a deep run into October baseball. On the other hand, the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox of the AL have been playing great baseball all year long and could prove to be tough competition for any team they face.

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Final Thoughts

The 2023 MLB Playoffs are sure to be an exciting and thrilling event for baseball fans all around the world. With a complex playoff structure, teams from each division battle it out to become World Series Champions. As we look forward to this amazing tournament of athleticism and skill, let’s also make sure that we keep our eyes on the prize – cheering on our favorite teams as they strive toward greatness!


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