Putin: “A global catastrophe with NATO forces in Ukraine.  Biden?  I don't see the need to meet him.

During the announcement of the Eurasian summit Astanacapital KazakhstanAnd the Russian President Vladimir Putin He returned to talk about a possible confrontation with the American President Joe Biden On the sidelines of the upcoming G20 meetings in Indonesia. Speaking to reporters, the Russian president said he did not see a “necessity” for a meeting. It was a hypothesis of an interview between the two presidents confirmed In recent days also by the Russian Foreign Minister Serge LavrovWho said, “We will evaluate a possible meeting proposal.” Putin made it clear today that “Russia will participate in the upcoming G-20 summit”, but “there is still no decision” whether he will participate or another member of the government.

Packaging will be finished in two weeks.

From the Kazakhstan summit, where Putin met yesterday, October 13 he met Also the Turkish president Recep Tayyip ErdoganLeader Kremlin He admitted that the bloc of former Soviet countries is “concerned” about the conflict in Ukraine, but Russia “remains open to this Possibility of conversationsThen Putin identified that file Partial packing. Announced in September, it will be completed in two weeks. subordinate 300,000 reserve soldiers The Russian leader announced, that 223,000 have been called up, 33,000 are in units and 16,000 are already fighting in Ukraine. On Russia’s strategy on the ground, Putin said that “there is no longer a need for massive attacks” on Ukrainian infrastructure and that Russia does not want to destroy Ukraine.

Sending NATO forces would cause a global catastrophe.

Speaking with a group of journalists on the sidelines of the meeting, the Russian leader added at the time that “sending… NATO forces In Ukraine, a direct confrontation with the Russian army would be very dangerous and could cause an attack global catastropheAsked about the progress of the Ukrainian army in some combat zones, Putin said that he does not regret the handling of the Kremlin strategists with the conflict. “What is happening today is unpleasant, to put it mildly, but we will face the same later, only under worse conditions for us. . And therefore We act right and at the right time. Regarding the attack on Crimean bridgea major infrastructure of the Russian military, Putin threatened to Close the grain aisle “If it is confirmed that the explosives were sent from Odessa,” he added.

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Cover Photo: EPA / KONSTANTIN ZAVRAZHIN | Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit taking place these days in Astana, Kazakhstan

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