Planes, drones, and spies search for Hamas hostages and hideouts

Reconnaissance planes They are invading the small rectangle of Gaza, part of a giant naval air device. The largest in decades. Some of them focus on the southern region, while others patrol towards Lebanon and Syria on routes perpendicular to the coast. They have devices with which they can pick up communications, detect movements, and follow potential targets.

The Israelis became immediately involved Electronic component, such as Oron aircraftTo provide data to fighters and intelligence. But Jerusalem is not alone. Spotters, the experts who track flights, have Drone strikes have been reported American patrol boats from British vehicles. Some set off Sigonella, in Sicily, from the island of Crete and Cyprus. They don’t have any weapons on board, They listenThey look for signals.

The focus is related to the southern sector Brace: the possibility of existence Hostagesthe presence of the Al-Aqsa Brigades hideouts. They are joined by a branch of tunnels that the army uses as underground bases, and at the same time turns them into prisons for more than 300 people. Various reconstructions have claimed this The militiamen, fearing eavesdropping, relied on a fixed line installed in the tunnels While the most important leaders, starting with Muhammad al-Deif, would have abandoned any “instrument” by relying on the messengers. Most likely, though there are limits, especially when the fighting is ongoing. They must issue orders, manage the “fire,” and assure their followers that they are always in control. Absolute silence is precious if “disappearing” is the priority, even less so when there are so many waiting for your directions.

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Then there is a need in Jerusalem (but also in Washington) to gather external elements regarding the hostage issue. Moreover the southern region around Rafahhosts “Service” tunnels.: If any Hamas official has Need to pass through Egypt Here is the way out. Surveillance turns into a shield on the sea Interest in Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.

The Pentagon did, in cooperation with its NATO partners. He mustered impressive forces. Observers still give an estimate of at least 43 “hulls”. on the map Two aircraft carriersA command ship and a couple are able to do this From “Basics”And another logistical one, a large number of frigates and destroyers, a NATO support group, and a formation led by an amphibious assault ship in the Red Sea that includes two thousand marines, and submarines. there Ford aircraft carrier It has been in the eastern Mediterranean for several days, and Ford is entering the weekend and we will see if he takes up a position here or instead arrives in the Persian Gulf.

London has already deployed two unitsParis mustered Tonnerre (always for amphibious operations and in the case of humanitarian operations) followed by two frigates. Italy has the Fasan frigate and Venuti submarine in the area, are about to be joined by the amphibious assault ship San Giorgio, the patrol ship Thon de Revel and the second frigate Bergamini. The task force operates off the coast of Lebanon to support peacekeepers guarding the border with Israel, a unit that includes more than a thousand of our soldiers.


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