According to Anthony Blingen, head of US diplomacy, the United States will become the “leader” in global access to the anti-Govt vaccine in the coming months.

They broke the record on Saturday Name Doses of the vaccine given in a day 2.9 million injections, The United States now seems to want to share its expertise in this area with the whole world.


According to US President Joe Biden, 90% of adults in the United States can receive the first dose of the vaccine within three weeks.

“I predict we can, as we continue to vaccinate the entire American population Do more around the worldU.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said in a virtual exchange with reporters covering the United Nations on Monday evening.

“In the coming months, I hope America will change Is at the forefront of ensuring access to vaccines worldwide“, He promised, while the US vaccination campaign continues.

A “Beautiful American Story”

Joe Biden announced that day 90% of adults will qualify for the first dose by April 19th In all countries. And those over the age of 18 who are ineligible will be by May 1st. “The progress we have made in immunization A beautiful American story“We need to be careful after the pollution increases last week,” the president said.

The United States is the country most affected by the corona virus More than 30 million people have been affected And at least 550,000 deaths since the onset of the epidemic.

China is currently the world leader in vaccine exports, with over 560 million doses shipped overseas and has trade agreements with 27 countries.

Washington d Tens of thousands of doses of this vaccine, This product – the victim of a living controversy in Europe – has not yet received a green light from US health officials. Three vaccines Currently recognized in the United States: Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Race against China and Russia

If the United States wants to invest so much in this global distribution of the vaccine, it is because China and Russia Multiply distribution notices Sizes around the world, in part “Vaccine Diplomacy” It gains momentum. In this race the two countries join forces, the China This is the second contract since the first confirmation was made in November, after Russia announced that it would produce 60 million doses of the vaccine Spotnik V. Russia has signed a number of agreements with pharmaceutical groups இன்டெ, In total 700 million volumes.

Except for Sputnik V, China Produces and exports its own vaccines (Sinoform and Sinovac) around the world. The country is somewhere else In the polar position, With over 560 million dose Shipped overseas, a large presence on the African continent, providing trade agreements with at least 27 countries and vaccines to more than 50 countries.

Alliance with Japan, Australia and India

Anthony Blingen discussed Joe Biden’s initiative with his colleagues in Japan, Australia and India, particularly aimed at producing one billion to distribute in Southeast Asia.

He, who visited Brussels last Thursday, further stressed Relations with NATO and the European Union, “it is important to address the challenges“.” I came here with a specific idea in mind that clearly shows the determination of America Renew our alliances and partnerships“, He announced with Secretary of State Sophie Wilms that Washington and the European Union should work together to ensure that. “Democracies set the rules of the game rather than dictatorships”, A vague kick to the Chinese and Russian “enemies”.

But the United States is seeking to extend its influence by more than half the world. On Monday, Anthony Blingen spoke l’initiative Joe Biden started with his colleagues in mid-March Japan, Australia and India, With Japanese and US funding, aims to produce one billion units for distribution to an Indian company and Australian logistics, especially in Southeast Asia. A function clearly articulated on the American side A decisive step against China.


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