Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed.  Users reported failures

Mexico City /

This afternoon, two users Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp I reported problems entering and communicating via social networks, which led to confusion among internet users who Attributed to rain Connectivity problems.

The Location DownDetector He confirmed that as of 5:00 PM on Monday, issues began to be reported on Facebook, and at 8:00 PM, failures to enter the app from mobile and desktop increased.

Even if The social networking site Facebook This issue was not reported, the site details reporting that users have problems accessing the application and reporting intermittent service periods.

Reports on Facebook. (Yasir)

The error also affects WhatsApp and InstagramInternet users report being unable to log into the desktop or sending messages, as well as problems updating feed.

Reports on Instagram. (Yasir)

It should be noted that these failures in Mexico mainly happen to users residing in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Nuevo León and Jalisco.

They interact in networks

As usual, users of the network turned to Twitter to find out what was happening and vent their frustration at not being able to access other social networks.


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