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The Quordle 126 Answers As of May 30, 2022. Compared to the last three puzzles, this is the easiest aspect as there are very few uncommon letters among the four words in the solution. However, most of them are common words that are very close to the others, so it may take some luck to write the correct letter. The most difficult word of the four will be in the lower right position. For a hint, it is synonymous with a beginning. If you are looking for a complete answer, you can check it out in the next section.

What is Quordle Answer 126? (May 30, 2022)

Quordle 126’s answer is:

  • “Later”
  • “salon”
  • “ranked”
  • “Birth”

‘BIRTH’ may cause you the biggest problem this time because of the consonants ‘B’ and ‘H’. The other three words shouldn’t be too difficult, because “LATER” and “SALON” have somewhat in common letters. ‘GRADE’ can still track you down and force you to use many guesses due to how close it is to other words like ‘GRATE’ and ‘GRAPE’. If you can find the consonant letter “G”, you must get the word within the word limit.

The general strategy for starting any Quordle puzzle is to take advantage of the three additional guesses it gives you, compared to the normal word, by choosing three words that include the majority of the most common consonants and all vowels, plus “Y”. This way, by guessing the fourth or fifth, you will have many letters in either green or yellow across the entire board.

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When you finish this puzzle, you can find more in the training area on Official Website In case you still need to scratch the Quordle itch. As a reminder, you can also go to the site settings where you can turn on Dark Mode or Colorblind Mode. If you’re willing to change the calendar for your device of choice, you can also play more daily puzzles, although you may want to use another browser to play them so you can protect your achievements and records.

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