Britney Spears' father resigns as her legal guardian

After all the controversy and movement that arose for Britney Spears to free herself from the guardianship of her father, Jimmy Spears, he resigned to go on as the singer’s legal guardian, a position he held for over 13 years and for the one who came to control all aspects of his life.

It turned out that in some documents delivered on Thursday, August 12th to the Los Angeles Superior Court, the actress’s father’s lawyer confirmed that he agreed to delegate this job to someone else, which would not revoke Britney’s guardianship but would leave her. for his family.

“Mr. Spears intends to work with the court and his daughter’s new attorney to prepare for an orderly transition,” the father said, according to Forbes.

In addition, the father indicated that he had already intended to leave the guardianship before his daughter hired his new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, a month ago, after obtaining the approval of the judge overseeing his case.

To date, the singer has always been represented by a certain lawyer.

This is another move in favor of the will of Britney, who has been expressing a strong disapproval of her father for months and has gone so far as to assert that she wants to report him for the abuse.

However, Jimmy Spears denied the existence of reasons for his resignation and stressed that it is only due to the pressures of the masses exerted against him.

“Although Mr. Spears is the constant target of unprovoked attacks, he does not believe that a public fight with his daughter for her service as guardian is in her best interest,” the document said.

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They are investigating the singer’s novels

Although the withdrawal will not be immediate, and procedures such as auditing Britney’s accounts must be completed first, the singer’s representative celebrated the news as a victory.

“We are pleased that Mr. Spears and his lawyers today acknowledged the necessity of removing him from his position. It is an acquittal of Britney,” he explained in a statement Rosengart, who has worked for the artist for less than a month.

Justice allowed the singer to choose her lawyer for the first time since 2008, after the resignation of the former delegate who was appointed, whose role was called into question when the artist said she was forbidden to speak out against the guardianship.

An exclusive report from the New York Times estimated that this attorney lost $3 million from the case and claimed that he was working for the father.

The new actor said he aimed to end guardianship, but would first investigate the management of finances by the parent, because he would have found some unjustified payments to promoters when the singer left the stage.

“We look forward to continuing our active investigation into the conduct of Mr. Spears and others over the past 13 years, during which he has earned millions of dollars from his daughter’s estate, and I look forward to receiving Mr. Spears’ affidavit in the near future.”

The alleged waste of money was one of the main arguments Britney used in her June 23 manifesto, which traveled the world calling guardianship “arbitrary” and comparing it to slavery.

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“This guardianship pays a lot of people,” said the singer, who has a fortune of about $60 million and pays everyone involved in the case.


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