Le groupe Fnac-Darty emploie 19.000 personnes en France (image d'illustration)

In addition to the local stores, residents of Bonn and the surrounding area will soon have a new option to purchase books, CDs or computers. The Fnac-Darty Group That Hires 19,000 people In France, he will open a store in Beaune. Information from our colleagues from Good audienceConfirmed by France Blue Bourgogne. It should open by the end of 2021, between September and December.

Ten permanent positions

To open the store ten Permanent job offers Available online since mid-May. There are for example four selling records and books, And three for cashiers or hostesses, but also for selling computers.

The Beaune Employment Center Next week, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 May, an employment session will be organized in cooperation with The local mission. The successful candidates will be appointed in August 2021 : They will continue training for a month at another store, before the Beaune store is fully incorporated when it opens.

A shop near the ring road

Unlike Dijon – the only Fnac on the Côte-d’Or at the moment – the store will not be set up in the city center. It will take place in the shopping district near the ring road, Street du Lac, towards Centrakor store, explains Fnac-Darty. The store will be built on an area of ​​800 square meters. To give you an idea, Dijon Idea welcomes customers On an area of ​​1900 m², Distributed on two levels. The Beaune store will be managed as a franchise, by two entrepreneurs who are already heading the stores in Vichy, Bourg-en-Bresse, Roanne and Riom.

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