In the face of Covid, Emmanuel Macron wants to keep 'hope' for 2022

He thought he could quickly turn the page on this pandemic. And to leave his clothes “the president of the crisis”, to lead the country towards a more rosy horizon. But after the promises were made in 2018, in the full mobilization of the “yellow vests”, and then in 2019, when the challenge to reform the pension system was in full swing, the head of state was forced, as in 2020, to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic a central position , during his wishes for the French for 2021, Friday, December 31.

“there is hope”He wanted to believe Emmanuel Macron a year ago, ten months after the epidemic, referring to the beginnings of the vaccination campaign that he asked his government to speed up, considering that the health crisis will continue At least until spring.. Twelve months later, the verdict is harsh: after three successive pandemic waves, the President of the Republic is still involved in managing this nearly two-year crisis that appears to be “Endless Day”. Therefore, it is indisputable to evoke a quick way out of the crisis. “May 2022 be the year of getting out of the epidemic”, this time he left her, cautiously, during a ten-minute speech. “The coming weeks will be difficult. The virus is spreading and it will spread more”He warned during this speech which was held upright with the Elysee Garden and its fountains in the background.

The delta variants fault especially Omicron, whose meteoric advance dashed hopes of ending the epidemic quickly. To the extent of stabilizing the feeling of depression in French society with the continuation of the crisis and its share of daily concerns and the most dangerous of deaths that are increasing in hospitals. Not to mention that the proliferation of infections – which reached a record level of 232 thousand new cases during the past twenty-four hours – and the addition of sick leaves that result in it threatens to paralyze the country’s movement. Many economic sectors We will suffer the consequences again. From the re-emergence of this epidemic, several ” hobbies ” To be “unorganized”Mr Macron admitted with regret.

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Despite this bleak context, the head of state tried to highlight his record, less than four months before the presidential election, by first defending his management of the health crisis. While caregivers accuse him of not taking enough action to avoid hospital saturation, his political opponents accuse him of setting the rules on the contrary. “Freedom Pesticides”, claimed a desire to take “proportional measures”, saying “do everything” to “Restrict restrictions as much as possible”. One way to bolster its line of balance, which is to bolster the device on the sidelines to slow the progression of the virus, without going so far as to impose excessively drastic restrictions (such as confinement, curfews, or school closures). So as not to paralyze the country. It’s indisputable to make himself unpopular within four months of the presidential election, while staying ahead of the polls in voting intentions in the next election.

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