Underwater volcano eruption, tsunami warning from Tonga to Fiji

Maximum recorded height for the following wavesThe eruption of the volcano on Friday was 30 centimeters. Business Islands news website reported that a convoy of police and military forces evacuated Restoration of Tupou VI, King of Tonga From his palace near the coast.

Residents are invited to leave the coast. gas columns smoke and ash Flowing from the volcano has arrived 20 km in the skySaid the Geological Service of Tonga. The explosion continued, the latest in a series eight minutes And he was so violent that he heard me FijiMore than 800 kilometers from Tonga, officials in the capital, Suva, said.

Tsunami in the United States – Alarm also on the whole west coast of the United States. The National Tsunami Warning Center has already issued a warning, while and Hawaii They have already been swept away by the waves. Fear also in California, where the first waves, by about 45 cm, reached the coasts.

tsunami in japan – Fear even in JapanThe Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning for the southern Amami Islands and the Tokara chain of islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, and a tsunami warning for large coastal areas bordering the Pacific Ocean. The highest tsunami wave observed so far was 120 cm in the Kominato area of ​​Amami Oshima island at 11:55 pm. in a. Saturday. A tsunami of 3 meters in length can reach coastal areas.

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