The theft of bottles of wine in a luxury restaurant with a total value of 1.6 million eurosshe toured the world in 2021. Now, a Spanish court with her partner Constantin Dumitru has sentenced former Mexican beauty pageant contestant Priscilla Guevara to four and a half years in prison.


In October two years ago, 45 valuable bottles of wine were stolen from the “Atrio” restaurant in Cáceres, Spain, including One of the 217-year-old Château d’Yquem, which alone was worth €350,000.

The two received an international arrest warrant, and were arrested nine months later in Croatia, but the wines were never recovered.

The Extremadura Regional Court sentenced them to four and a half years in prison for aggravated robbery and to pay 750 billion euros in compensation to insurance companies.

Stroke reconstruction

According to the judges, the couple’s robbery was “meticulously planned” months in advance. The woman allegedly visited the hotel where the restaurant is located at least three times before taking action, and hid her identity behind a fake Swiss passport.

On the evening of the millionaire’s robbery, the former miss arrived with a backpack and went to dinner waiting for her partner to join her at the table. Then, before going up to their rooms, the two took a tour of the restaurant’s prized basement.

From what emerged from the reconstruction of the facts, Shortly after 2 am the woman called the front desk to ask for a salad. After initial resistance, the concierge agreed to the client’s request, despite him being alone on the night shift.

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It was the moment when Dumitru, taking advantage of the unguarded statue, allegedly stole the magnetic key to the vault, without being able to open the door.

From the cellar door, the defendant called the woman and asked her to distract the receptionist againA statement from the Spanish court reads. “Moments later, the woman called the front desk again, this time asking for dessert. After initially objecting, the female employee finally agreed to bring her some fruit,” the judges wrote.


On the second attempt, Dumitru was able to enter the vault and put 45 bottles into a large backpack and two large suitcases. The couple then left the hotel at about five in the morning, taking with them the three suitcases “in which were placed four hotel towels to prevent the bottles from bumping against each other”.

An account of events denied by the man and challenged by his lawyer, Silvia Córdoba, who reported that “45 bottles and four towels They wouldn’t fit in two gym bags and this guy couldn’t carry them lightly“.

As reported by the Spanish media, in the face of disputed accusations, Priscilla Guevara chose to remain silent instead.

Image source: Ansa


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