Hairdresser Frank Provost has been charged with

Frank Provost in the cross chair of justice. The famous hairdresser was charged “Misuse of corporate assets” And “Organized Gang Money Laundering of Bad Tax Fraud”, The Nanterre Attorney General’s Office said in a statement to AFP on Thursday. The indictment was placed under judicial supervision by the founder of the Provolians group when it was submitted to a trial magistrate in Nanterre on Tuesday. “Millions of euros in deposits”, The prosecution said.

According to the case, “Multiple reports” Would have been “Sent by tax authorities in 2017 regarding the use of fraudulent cash register software to divert cash receipts from the network of hairdressing salons”. The 75-year-old businessman has also been charged “Providing equipment and programs for committing crimes and violations of automated data processing systems”.

This is especially true with crimes“Abuse and complicity of corporate assets, breach of trust, tax evasion and complicity, organized gang fraud of illicit tax fraud, illicit use of accounting profession, possession, privilege, provision of equipment and schemes for committing crimes and automation data processing systems”.

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