Cybermortard, Peter Hickman drove the point at the Tourist Trophy 2022

Posted on June 5, 2022

Peter Hickman completed his last qualifying training session on Friday, June 3, 2022. Michael Dunlap shines in three categories as Superstock, SuperSport and Super Twin.

Three French side car groups are in the top ten … but beware of false pleasures.

Peter Hickman’s best play on the last day of the qualifying round

On the last day of qualifying for the Tourist Trophy 2022, Peter Hickman was renewed His record on Thursday, June 2nd When driving on the same lap. He will pass alone “Mur” 130 mph After one rainy morning, several swamps were reported, at least three in the vicinity!

His opponent Michael Dunlap follows him in 27 seconds and 8 seconds!

Michael Dunlap takes revenge in 3 divisions

Michael Dunlap (Honda N ° 8) dominates and retaliates in the following three categories: Superstock 206.87 km / h (129.299 mp / h, Supersport 200.06 km / h (125.04 mp / h) and supertwin 192.48 km / h (120.303 mp / h).

This desire to shine is due to the professionalism of this exceptional driver and his skeptical nature. You can find it in his book

Road racer

Released in 2017. You can read without preconceptions, Michael is not an intellectual!

Founds / Walmsey excelled in the last sidecar qualifying session

Peter Founds / Jevan Walmsley (Honda N ° 5) signed on this Friday, June 3rd, for the best sidecar performance. In fact the Birshal brothers left quickly“Round”. Only 24 teams line up for this unique qualifying session hardened by wet areas. It benefits three French crews: Paul Leklis / Melanie Farnier (Honda N ° 36), Estelle LeBland / Clement Carey (Suzuki N ° 14) and Caesar Chanel / Olivier Laurel (Honda N ° 39) to enter the top 10.

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