Positivity rate jumps to 20%.

Open a real case in Spain Ibiza Where injuries are higher than the national average and Balearic. The regional health advisor, Patricia Gemez, explained that Ibiza is the place of most concern, according to the local newspaper, Diario de Ibiza. Gemiz explained that the situation is affected by the fact that there are a lot of tourists on the island, and if they are positive they contribute to an increase in epidemiological indicators. He said the infection curve is set to rise further.

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Ibiza, today’s data

The positive rate of COVID-19 smears in Ibiza, the popular Spanish tourist island, has exceeded 20%, while the overall rate for the Balearic Islands is 12.81% and Spain as a whole is 15.97%. This can be learned from the latest official data provided by regional and national health authorities. Also in terms of the cumulative incidence of cases recorded in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants, Ibiza far outperforms the other Balearic Islands with 1,833, while the regional figure is 1031. Also of interest is Formentera where the positives are 96.

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Spain, boom in infections in elderly centers. Active coronavirus cases in Spanish elderly centers have increased strongly in the past two weeks, coinciding with a large wave of infections affecting younger age groups thanks to the high capacity of delta-variable transmission: this is learned from the latest preliminary data published by the Foundation for the Aged and Social Services, analyzed by El Pas newspaper . In fact, in the week between July 19 and 25, 1,029 infections were reported, while in the previous week there were 496 and in the first 123 cases. Since February, no more than 1,000 active cases have been reported per week. However, the big difference since then is that now in Spain about 100% of people over the age of 70 are protected by a vaccine, which, although not guaranteed, avoids many serious cases. Elbas explains that most older adults who became infected now remain asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. In the week between February 1 and 7, 1,355 cases and 606 deaths were reported in elderly centers. The number of deaths reported in the week between July 19 and 25, compared to 1,029 cases, was 37.

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